# Learn from failure #

While I was going through the newspaper, I read about the news of increasing unemployment in our country. This is due to corona pandemic and large number of workforces suffering from unemployment.

It is true that getting employment is not so easy these days.

Yes, We are living in competitive culture era.

In fact, we are witnessing two classes of people in our society.

One, who are committed to achieve success in the field of their choice and enjoy the success with happiness and positive mindset.

The others class who may not succeed in their field due to some reason and they are living with negative mindset. They have several excuses for their failure . They do not have conducive atmosphere or they are suffering from the adverse situations in life. They feel unhappiness always.

But in Bhagwat Gita, Sri Krishna says, “the cause of unhappiness and miseries is not the adverse situation that we are facing,  

It is our internal state of mind that gives us sorrows and depression.”

It is the fact that your capabilities are much more than your limitations. There are so many examples of how these factors account for personal growth.

Once, Bruce Lee, the martial arts expert was asked about his secret of success ?

He replied .– I don’t have a perfect body. My right leg is roughly an inch shorter than my left, that is why I put my right leg forward in my stance.

I am short sighted; therefore, I specialize in close encounters. In fact I have converted my disadvantage into an advantage.

Even though, he did not know English well, but Bruce Lee became the first Chinese to be invited to Hollywood.

In today’s world, the clamor to compete or perish is not the end all of existence.

 It is simply an ultimatum, meant to spur people to succeed in life. If a person has failed in the first instance, he does not necessarily perish, for everyone.

He has the potential to avail of the chances and regain what lost in the first instance.

It is true that if hundred buckets of water are poured on the plant at a time, it will not become tree overnight. Take baby steps to progress.

Every time you fall, learn from your failure, and every time you succeed be grateful for such experience. When you do personal excellence, people will greet you every moment. Yes, this is the secret of our success and happiness.

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  1. Failure is the pillar of success. That is positive mind set.Nice elaboration.

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  2. Nice post. Failure and success are the two views or out looks.
    Failure is the zero which comes before starting the digits for counting. It comes first before we proceed to any step of progress.
    :– Mohan”madhur”

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  3. Good to have lesson from it, for success

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The strongest people make time to help others,
    even if they are struggling with their own problems.


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