# Spiritual maturity #

प्रेम चाहिए तो समर्पण खर्च करना होगा,
विश्वास चाहिए तो निष्ठा खर्च करनी होगी और
साथ चाहिए तो समय खर्च करना होगा |


Sometime I get angry and cannot control myself ..

How to control my anger is a topic of the moment.

Have you thought why we get angry ?

Have you realized what causes made you angry ?.

The answer is very simple . When something we want does not happened, that is the reason what makes us angry. .

It means that if we have some wishes, this must happen as per our wish, when it does not happen, we become angry,,

We must remember that This universe is not for fulfilment of our every desire.

Are you so important person in this universe.? Are you the center of this universe ? Is the whole world rotating around you ?

These are the basic question which we should ask to oneself. .

If it is not then why should our every desire be fulfilled.

This is the vital question and…

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  1. I am often angry because the world fails to meet my expectations and fulfill my desires.

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  2. Excellent message to get matured 👌👏👏👏🎉

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