# Spiritual maturity #

Sometime I get angry and cannot control myself ..

How to control my anger is a topic of the moment.

Have you thought why we get angry ?

Have you realized what causes made you angry ?.

The answer is very simple . When something we  want does not happened, that is  the reason what makes us angry.  .

It means that if we have some wishes, this must happen as per our wish, when it does not happen, we become angry,,

We must remember that This universe is not for fulfilment of our every desire.

Are you so important person in this universe.? Are you   the center of this universe ? Is the whole world rotating around you ?

These are the basic question which we should ask to oneself. .

If it is not then why should our every desire be fulfilled.

This is the vital question and we have to find their answer.

Someone said ..Always keep these two possibilities in mind.

My wish may be fulfilled or my wish may not be fulfilled.

We have to make compromise in both the situations.

When you make peace with both sided. Then you will not get  angry at all..

Now, suppose you want to watch a program on TV but your wife want to see another serial, say saas ..bahu and only the TV set in the house. .then what happens…

or, .Lets say that you want to play one video game and your brother want to play another video game but we have got only one play station.

Then it will be sure that one gets angry whose wish not fulfilled.

That is why it will never happen that our wishes will always be fulfilled.

so to be able to give up our wishes is the sign of spiritual maturity.

In the real life, this feeling that what we wish must be happened.   This is what gets us into trouble,

This is happening with God also .

When we urge to the God for fulfilment of our wish. and supposing God don’t do what we want to do, then we get angry with the God  as well and we will fight with the God also..

This is the human psychology.

In this universe , This is the material consciousness that we lived in for endless lifetimes.

If we wish to get out of this material realm, we will have to give up our desires.

The real desire is our happiness. I want happiness.

Now, the fact here is as long as you running for happiness, you will not get it .

When you wish to give happiness to others you will find true happiness.

This desire that I want my happiness, this will have to be overcome.

It will never be happened that your wishes will always be fulfilled..

So compromise with our wishes is the sign of spiritual maturity and this is the way to live happy life in the situation that actually exists.

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  1. “Doing important things now instead of tomorrow guarantee
    success now instead of an uncertain future=
    well done is better than well said!” _-Van Prince

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  2. Beautiful message. We should not have expectations. Which provokes our anger when it’s not fulfilled. Very well said. Kudos. 👏👏👏

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  3. Beautiful articles. Compromise with the situation is best solution for the inner peace.

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  4. Very well said! Thanks for this ^_^

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  5. Superb illustration to be peaceful in life.

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    विश्वास चाहिए तो निष्ठा खर्च करनी होगी और
    साथ चाहिए तो समय खर्च करना होगा |


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