# Golden Boy of India #

मेहनत  सीढ़ियों  की तरह होती है, और भाग्य लिफ्ट की तरह,
किसी समय लिफ्ट तो बंद हों सकती है, लेकिन …
सीढ़ियाँ हमेशा , ऊंचाई की तरफ ले जाती है /


Hello friends.

Today, I am very happy to see the news about ideal Golden Boy of our country.. Yes, I am talking about Neeraj Chopra who has been recommended for this year’s KHEL RATNA award. I had already posted one Blogged about him earlier, the link of which given below,


….. I again blogged about him not only to congratulate him but also because he has inspired us with their dedication and commitment towards the game..

I had read in the newspaper somedays before that the auction Olympian Neeraj Chopra’s javelin had made a bid for Rs. 5.00 crores. That shows the sentiment towards Neeraj Chopra.

This star javelin thrower had gifted his sports equipment to PM Narendra Modi. We should learn something from our national Hero Neeraj Chopra.

There was my commitment to write about the struggle and success story of my Olympic player, as such I am…

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