# Budding photographer-4

Nothing is permanent , Don’t stress yourself too much,
Because, no matter how bad the situation is….it will change.



Welcome to the Budding Photographer show, yes you may call it Photoblog.

When we talk about the photograph, it is evident that it nearly touches every aspect of modern life in the form of communication, documentation, and hobbies. The photo of a person is being used in so many ways as the identity of a person.

we always use to click photographs on every occasion to mark the celebration and to preserve them as a memory of that event..

With the prevalence of digital cameras and mobile phone cameras, these activities now become easier in comparison to those days of Box cameras.

But despite the prevalence of photography in many aspects of modern life and the increase of its user, only a small number of photographers are considered to be an artist, and their work is identified as an Art.

I remember those days when I was the new…

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  1. Gratidão pelas palavras 🙏🧚‍♀️✨ Criança linda 🤩

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