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Welcome to the Budding Photographer show, yes you may call it Photoblog.

When we talk about the photograph, it is evident that it nearly touches every aspect of modern life in the form of communication, documentation, and hobbies. The photo of a person is being used in so many ways as the identity of a person.

we always use to click photographs on every occasion to mark the celebration and to preserve them as a memory of that event..

With the prevalence of digital cameras and mobile phone cameras, these activities now become easier in comparison to those days of Box cameras.

But despite the prevalence of photography in many aspects of modern life and the increase of its user, only a small number of photographers are considered to be an artist, and their work is identified as an Art.

I remember those days when I was the new lover of photography. But this type of hobby was so costly and time-consuming at that time.

Source: Google.com

Box Camera

There was no mobile camera or Digital camera available those days.  however,  only a  Box camera and   35 mm film were available, and developing photos wasn’t cheap either.

Being a student, we had limited resources, even I didn’t have my own camera.

I was very fond of photography, so I use to borrow a box camera available with our friend’s father.

They gave us his camera with certain conditions and would have to return within 7 days.

Because taking photographs and then processing in the darkroom and getting printing of photography took a lot of time. Hence, that was so expensive hobby with a minimum accuracy of photographs.

Mobile Camera

But within the span of time, there were so many complicated and expensive cameras available in the market.

Today we are experiencing the mobile fitted with the quality camera  are available all around that makes photography a bit easy.

One thing I still remember that, we use to wait anxiously until the photos were developed, which usually took a week time and then could only evaluate our performance seeing that half of the pictures are ruined–…ha ha ha .

My first test of Photography

I remember those days when we had organized a college excursion program. The tour was for 21 days and we had to visit different places covering Punjab, Cuttack  UP, and West Bengal.  We all were very excited because that was the first educational tour with all 40 batchmates.

Source: Google.com

Since that was a special occasion for all of us, I had a plan to take photographs and kept as a memoir.  Hence,   I had purchased a new AGFA camera and 35 mm film..

 That was a nice experience , We   enjoyed  the visit of different places  with clicked photographs with us.

I am honestly saying that  I had no idea how to use  it because my camera was new and the  operator was also new – Ha Ha Ha .

It always felt amazing having a camera around my neck. All my colleagues wanted to have their photographs and felt my value increased.

I had used 5 rolls in my camera. Usually, we had taken 36 photos on each 35mm film. You can very much imagine that we had taken around 180 snaps. But I am sorry to tell you that half of the snaps were destroyed due to exposure of film to sunlight. We had very bad feelings at that time, but what could have been done then.

Photography is my Passion

Frankly speaking, I have not learned Photography from any institution but got ideas from reading articles and experiencing day-to-day photography.

I feel that Photography is something that can be acquired from practice. A talent on the other hand is a naturally gifted ability to perform some sort of action.

I have a plan to keep a photo diary of my self-clicked images that will be my achievements on a day-to-day basis. I will review them to see how well I am progressing.

I know that ….. time, patience, experimentation, and determination are essential to uncover the talent that may reside within us.

I hope you are enjoying my Blogging journey, please share your feelings.

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  1. Nicely penned. Photos have innocence and style.

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  2. Very beautiful experience with photography. 👏👏👏🎉

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  3. Bahut sundar varnan photography ka dunia aur camera ki behtar nirman. Digital camera pura photography dunia badal Diya.chotebache bhi photo khichate hai.

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    Nothing is permanent , Don’t stress yourself too much,
    Because, no matter how bad the situation is….it will change.


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