Meditation: Control your Stress

No Friends…No Life,
Know friends…Know Life..



We use to be frequently stressed, often tired, difficult in finding peace of mind and sometimes we are just looking for greater meaning and purpose in life. Really the life of today is stressful.

This is due to daily pressures and challenging situations that we use to handle in our life.

We think of these overwhelming feelings as the result of an unbalanced supply and demand of our emotional resources.

By doing the meditation we can control out stress level ..

Meditation requires practice :

Meditation is a simple way of freeing your mind, forgetting about daily anxieties and focusing on mental relaxation. Meditation is the process of continuous focus on one object for a prolonged period of time. It is a gentle, subtle method which does not require any force or pressure on the mind. This result in increased concentration and focus.

Just like developing any other skill…

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  1. Beautiful blog!!!
    Very useful information, I would love to write on this topic in the future.

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  2. Importante informação! Meditação é tudo de bom ✨🌺

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  3. Love this post. Very practice and a good reminder that practicing meditation is just like practicing any other skill! Its not that people “can’t” meditate, it’s just that they need to start off slowly to develop the skill.

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  1. Meditation: Control your Stress – Stay Healthy Weekly

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