My New Passion : Drawing

Wealth is not a permanent friend,
but friends are permanent wealth..
Be friendly…Be happy,,,


Sometimes, doing what you long to be good at – and ostensibly enjoying to do that work, – It is nothing but passion about that work.

One fine morning, while I was sitting on my reading table reading a newspaper, my mobile ranged. I just casually pick up my phone and said — Hello, Verma speaking.

hello, Mr. Verma, Rahul speaking. Are you ready to join my online classes?

If yes, today is your drawing class in the evening and you have to be ready on time.

Yes, sir, I will be ready. Actually, I am learning drawing for the last two years from Rahul Sir, but due to the corona epidemic, drawing classes are closed.

After making so many requests, they have finally agreed to online classes. He is very good at drawing and they want me to be good at it too.

I am sorry to say that…

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21 replies

  1. Gosto deles assim coloridos! Parabéns 🍀

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  2. Obrigado querida,
    estamos desfrutando do chá da noite aqui. 🙂✨


  3. Beautiful drawings sir 👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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