My New Passion : Drawing

Sometimes, doing what you long to be good at – and ostensibly enjoying to do that work, – It is nothing but passion about that work.

One fine morning, while I was sitting on my reading table reading a newspaper, my mobile ranged. I just casually pick up my phone and said — Hello, Verma speaking.

hello, Mr. Verma, Rahul speaking. Are you ready to join my online classes?

If yes, today is your drawing class in the evening and you have to be ready on time.

Yes, sir, I will be ready.    Actually, I am learning drawing for the last two years from Rahul Sir, but due to the corona epidemic, drawing classes are closed. 

After making so many requests, they have finally agreed to online classes. He is very good at drawing and they want me to be good at it too.

 I am sorry to say that, till date, I am not standing as per their expectations. However, I love drawing and sketching and eager to do hard work for being good at.

 Because of my inner fear I always feel that sketching is not an easy subject to make.

But they always try to convince me that, like any worthy skill, it looks much harder in the initial stage but it becomes easier in the aftermath.

you have to be passionate about it and do practice on daily basis, you will get the desired result soon.

You will find all those beautiful lines that will make perfect sense.  You should not see those thousands of failed attempts it took to get to that place. you should visualize the success of the final result.  you will definitely be a good artist one day.

I again asked that How do I know if Art & Drawing is my passion or not?

When Drawing becomes your passion, you will  see, you have a war raging in your mind all the time,  that is the battlefield of your thoughts,

whenever you wake up in the morning, you will find a pencil in your hand and a sketchbook before you.  and You will start wandering the world of fantasies.

That is the true passion . Your pencil is your sword! Your imagination is like stealthy daggers that drip and ooze the blood and desires of your imagination.

Sometimes you feel dis-hearted but the low feeling is not permanent. If you still are curious about it, the passion will revive. It will  feel small but natural and necessary, like breathing.

“Why not try this one little thing? Why not put a pencil to paper with imagination while you are sitting idle?” Whether it’s the interest in artistic exploration or to gain mastery of a skill or simply to let your mind flow into the ‘artist’s trance’, drawing will be waiting for you.

Try to feel more relaxed with your Art & drawing. Other times, you can be more serious and devoted to ‘getting it right’. My own experience towards art-making changes all the time. But regardless of how you get there, don’t give up. Just get back to the making of it.

Yes,  you can do it . Best of luck..

Now, I have decided to be an artist one day with my honest efforts and hard work. What do you think friends ? Can I achieve the desired result ? Please, Feel free to comment.

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  1. Your drawings are very nice 👍👏👏👏🎉

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  2. Lovely sketches and write up, nice to read you. Congratulations

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  3. Art of drawing is a talent. Exploring same is another talent.Your passion for drawing is remarkable. Keep up the continuation.

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  4. Nice post. In my opinion you have reached at the door of the passions and just nocking. Wishing you a grand success of yours.

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  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Wealth is not a permanent friend,
    but friends are permanent wealth..
    Be friendly…Be happy,,,


  6. You are very good at drawing. I believe we can learn anything at any age. I started watercolor and acrylic at age 46.

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