#Happiness is a Journey#

The best part of your life is when
your family supports you as a friend. and
your friend supports you as a family.
Stay blessed…Stay happy…



All of us are uniquely endowed with our own individual talents and abilities bestowed upon us by God..

We should remember one secret; circumstances will never always be positive for us.

we have many feelings that change every moment. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sorrowful, sometimes angry, irritated or afraid; and these feelings fill our mind and heart continuously.

Yes, I was passing through the same experiences yesterday ..

In the morning I was feeling very happy to see that my today’s blog got many views. I was enjoying that moment with sipping my tea, But as soon as, I viewed my portfolio of share market, I was shocked to know that the market has lost by 3 %, and I was at a financial loss with handsome money at that moment.

It was natural to have mood swings left and right .

And after an hour…

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  1. Great post Verma ji. Your posts are full of positivity.

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