Stay Relaxed and Tension-free 

When you develop the ability to listen to negative comments
without losing temper or confidence, it means you have become
matured and truly educated..



Nowadays in the dreadful situation of Corona, we are living a life of stress. Every day the figures of patients is breaking records.

In such a situation, it is important that all of us should leave the worry and take measures to stay fit and healthy.

It is the fact that, with our incomplete understanding, we find faults in the situation we are living in. We complain and grumble about them. We wish to run away from them and hold them responsible for our misery.

But the enlightened souls inform us that the world created by God is perfect in every way. Both good and bad situations come to us for a divine purpose. They are all arranged for our spiritual evolution to push us upwards in our journey towards perfection.

Those who understand this secret are never disturbed in difficult circumstances and are able to face them with…

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