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Nowadays in the dreadful situation of Corona, we are living a life of stress. Every day the figures of patients is breaking records.

In such a situation, it is important that all of us should leave the worry and take measures to stay fit and healthy.

It is the fact that, with our incomplete understanding, we find faults in the situation we are living in.  We complain and grumble about them. We wish to run away from them and hold them responsible for our misery.

But the enlightened souls inform us that the world created by God is perfect in every way. Both good and bad situations come to us for a divine purpose. They are all arranged for our spiritual evolution to push us upwards in our journey towards perfection.

Those who understand this secret are never disturbed in difficult circumstances and are able to face them with serenity and tranquility,

Happiness does not depend upon what happens to us or the circumstances in our life. It is dependent upon the way we look at those circumstances.  In this context, there is a beautiful story of a lady who has two daughters ..Kamla and Vimla.

The elder one named Kamla was married to a brickmaker, and the younger one Vimla was married to an umbrella seller.

Whenever there were a lot of sunny days at a stretch, that lady would think about the Vimla. Oh my god, with all these sunny days nobody will be buying their umbrellas and she use to become miserable with this thought.

Likewise, whenever there was a lot of rain, she would think of her elder daughter Kamla and wonder how would they make bricks in such damp weather. Again, she used to feel unhappy.

In this way, whether it is raining or it is not, in either situation thinking of one of her daughters she used to become unhappy and cry all the time.

The people around her gave her the name — the crying lady.  One day that crying lady went to a sage.  The sage noticed that she is looking so unhappy.  They asked her, what the problem was ?

 When she revealed the situation about her two daughters,  the sage explained her with the wisdom of the scriptures.

Look , there is a little bit that is in your hands, and there is so much which is beyond your control.

For that aspect of your life over which you do not have control like the weather, it is better to just change your thoughts.

So dear lady, when it rains, do not think of your daughter, Kamla who is married to the brick manufacturer. you just think of the daughter Vimla who is married to the umbrella seller and you will be happy.

Likewise,  when there is a lot of sunshine, you just think about your daughter, Kamla who is married to Brick manufacture,  that is all you need to do.

The lady got the Mantras.

Now, whenever it would rain heavily, she would think of her younger daughter, Vimla,  oh, my daughter’s business must be thriving. There was a smile on their face.

Again,  whenever there was a lot of sunshine, she would think about her brick manufacturing daughter, Kamla, and think — wow, they must be making a lot of wonderful bricks. And again she use to smile in joy. The people around her, saw her constantly smiling and happy.

They now changed her name to the smiling lady.

Friends, the situation in her life remain the same, but the way she looked at it had changed,

 it is said … दृष्टि बदलने से सृष्टि बदलती है (Drishti badalne se shristi badalti hai).

Whenever you change your perspective toward things,  you experience happiness from them under the same circumstances. stay happy, stay alive.

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  1. Relax and tension depend upon the situation. Nicely presented.

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  2. Well sald. Focus on positive and good things. Challenges and obstacles are part of life.

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    When you develop the ability to listen to negative comments
    without losing temper or confidence, it means you have become
    matured and truly educated..


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  5. how to make cbd ejuice reddit

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