# Towards Better Life #

Patience and silence are powerful energies,
Patience makes you mentally strong,
Silence makes you emotionally strong..
Stay happy…Stay blessed..


Everyone is thinking on how we can better our lives in the new year. We have to first make a blueprint to help us lead the kind of life we wish for us. Our lives should be centered on love — love for God, love for our fellow beings and love for poor and deprived people.

When we open our hearts to them and spend some time with those we love, it will definitely make us feel happy and containment.

When we radiate warmth and love to all around us, when we are more patient, more tolerant, more compassionate to others, we feel a great satisfaction. Our intension should be to give, give, and give to all around us to bring joy and happiness to their lives and to alleviate their burdens.

It all begins as we connect with God’s love through the process of meditation. When we take our…

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  1. Heart warming message Verma ji. What goes around comes around. So let us spread love and compassion to all around us

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