# Towards Better Life #

Everyone is thinking on how we can better our lives in the new year.  We have to first make a blueprint to help us lead the kind of life we wish for us. Our lives should be centered on love — love for God, love for our fellow beings and love for poor and deprived people.

 When we open our hearts to them and spend some time with those we love, it will definitely make us feel happy and containment.

 When we radiate warmth and love to all around us, when we are more patient, more tolerant, more compassionate to others, we feel a great satisfaction. Our intension should be to give, give, and give to all around us to bring joy and happiness to their lives and to alleviate their burdens.

It all begins as we connect with God’s love through the process of meditation. When we take our attention away from the outer world and focus it within, we are filled with joy and bliss.

We are inspired to live a life of service to others and to embrace all we meet as members of the same family of God. That is the way to find true happiness within ourselves.

But the truth is that sometimes months go by without smiling. One of the biggest challenges we are facing today is to stay optimistic and stay happy.

We are living in the situation where experiencing big changes and are bombarded daily with bad news, stories that affect us and our mental status. We are easily trapped in the wave of negativity brought by different social media. And this corona pandemic is working as fuel in the fire.

Here I would like to discuss some resolutions for the new year, which have to be fulfilled at any cost. I am sure at the end of the year we would have transformed ourselves into a new person.

Every person has different priorities like education for a student, health for senior citizen, starting a startup for unemployed etc.

I have also made a list and written down in my diary the goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year.

We have to keep on doing little bit better every day. Celebration of small successes will also have to be cherished.

Life will be better if we develop an attitude of gratitude.

It is the fact that we all are receiving so many graces from the universe. The earth we walk upon, the air we breathe, the sunlight that falls on our skin creating vitamin D for us.

All of these are gifts of God. To be aware of the gift that we have received, this creates the attitude of gratitude

Always helping the needy and thanking God every day that he has given us a lot. Now it is our turn to do something for the betterment of our society. This will give us the true happiness in life and make our life better as God wishes for us..

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  1. This makes smile and I love seeing the monkey with you ,

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  2. A lovely and wonderful message Vermaji. If we all love every creature in this world and live a life full of gratitude, then as you said the world would be a better place.

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  3. Hello, a lovely post. 😊 It is true that today in these times we have to be thankful and full of optimism about ourselves. And we all have to work on ourselves to be the best people in this world. To give back to society. You
    have written a wonderful post. 🤗💫

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Patience and silence are powerful energies,
    Patience makes you mentally strong,
    Silence makes you emotionally strong..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..


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