# I have done this # 

The most beautiful things in life are not things,
they are people & places, memories & pictures.
They are feelings, moments, smiles, and laughter..
Stay happy…Stay blessed..


Smile please

I had a desire since childhood that I should learn to swim, but at that time there were neither such conditions nor such facilities available.

But It is said that sometimes such incidents happen, which you do not even expect.

Yes friends, it was an incidence only a few days ago. After doing morning walk, I sat down to do yoga near the swimming pool located near the park. The kids were enjoying there in the swimming pool. I was feeling happy to see the kids including my granddaughter playing there.

The cool breeze and warm sunlight in the morning had captivated my mind. I was feeling pleasure and calm. A cool breeze was blowing and I was trying to meditate when my granddaughter came up to me and insisted on swimming with her in the pool. I used to be very scared to go to the swimming…

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