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I had a desire since childhood that I should learn to swim, but at that time there were neither such conditions nor such facilities available.

But It is said that sometimes such incidents happen, which you do not even expect.

Yes friends, it was an incidence only a few days ago.  After doing morning walk, I sat down to do yoga near the swimming pool located near the park. The kids were enjoying there in the swimming pool. I was feeling happy to see the kids including my granddaughter playing there.

The cool breeze and warm sunlight in the morning had captivated my mind.  I was feeling pleasure and calm. A cool breeze was blowing and I was trying to meditate when my granddaughter came up to me and insisted on swimming with her in the pool.  I used to be very scared to go to the swimming pool because I could not swim.

But we have cope to wishes of the children anyhow.  So, I also got into the swimming pool with her. She was swimming in the water with the help of a tube and I was t standing inside the water and just splashing water there because I did not know how to swim.

A Gentle man was watching my movements while swimming nearby..

Suddenly my granddaughter said to me  – Dada ji, come and  let’s have  race in the water. But the very next moment she said sadly  –  Sorry Dadaji , you do not know how to swim.

That  young man was watching meticulously  all this incident. He suddenly came to me and said – Uncle, you can swim.

I looked at him and said with a laugh – I had tried years ago to learn to swim, but could not succeed. Now my old age has come. Even an old lion is of no use.

He said – this is my challenge… I will teach you swimming in two days.

Listening their words , I just laughed looking at him.

On the second day, I was doing yoga again in the morning near that swimming pool.  That Young Boy came  there for swimming at the same time. After seeing me there he forced me to come to the swimming pool with him.

Initially I was feeling very scared in swimming , but he explained some swimming tips to me and helped in swimming along with me.

After two days I developed confidence at the level that I could still learn to swim.

Really , It was my thought process  that I could  learn to swim and the positive thoughts taught me to swim.

Right now, I believe in that statement  which has convinced me that if you have a strong will power and try to do that work with positive intent, then you can easily complete any difficult task

I was surprised with this incidence that boost my confidence and today I am very happy enjoying swimming.

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  1. Yes, definitely! Swimming is one of my favorite interests.

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  2. Swimming is making our body fit and energetic. Good things that you have been motivated by grand daughter and shown your confidence.
    Nice.Many things are to be learned from the subject.

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  3. Well done, what a lovely story x

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The most beautiful things in life are not things,
    they are people & places, memories & pictures.
    They are feelings, moments, smiles, and laughter..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..


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