# Stay Fit This winter #

Respect your body when it is asking you for a BREAK,
Respect your mind when it is seeking REST
Honor yourself when you need a moment for yourself…
Stay happy…Stay blessed…



The winter season has knocked our door,

So, I want to share some information to enjoy this season and how to keep our body fit.

It is the fact that different seasons of the year bring with them unique benefit for the mind, body and our mood. And we can enjoy each season accordingly.

It is easier to wake up early in the morning during summer but it is a bit harder to so in the winter.

When the matter comes for exercise during winter, first we have to motivate ourself to get out of snug first. Exercise during winter can burn more calories than when exercising in the summer. Our stamina can also be increased in winter because our heart needs to do work less and experience sweat less, which makes our exercise more efficient.

There are so many types of exercise that can be useful to keep…

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  1. Your post motivates me to exercise on sunday morning

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