We only have one body and we are the only ones that have to live in it. Nobody else lives. Nobody else should get to say how we should feel or how we should look.

Only we can appreciate our bodies and feel  what we can do for ourselves. 

We should love our own body. I have read somewhere that 70% of women between the ages of 18-30 dislike their bodies and 45 % of men are dissatisfied with their body too. That is why if you are feeling low about your body, you are not alone.

There are so many people who are disliking their bodies for one reason or another.  However, there are so many ways to develop our body as we wish for. if we want to lose weight, we have so many ways and find  happiness on how our body looks.

Friends, today’s topic is how to be positive about our own body.

First we should change our mindset and with daily efforts, we can slowly but certainly find our goal  achieved, whether keeping our teeth healthy by doing daily brushing,  Or any other body problems . It’s not always a thrill ride. Some of the work might be boring sometimes, but that’s OK.

Think about everything your body allows you to do on a daily basis. This could be walking, breathing, or digesting the food you eat! These things may seem small, but they’re vital in keeping you alive, happy and healthy.

There are countless ways we can work on body positivity, and find out that works for us. We should remind ourselves that our body are gifts, not curses.

Positive affirmations

I usually woke up in the morning and start the day with positive affirmation.

This is one of the most basic and effective ways we can practice self-love is to speak loudly to be grateful for our bodies.

We use kind words to ourselves standing before the mirror. My today’s affirmation is

I am getting better and better every day.

Sometimes we may feel silly doing this. But  it doesn’t mean that it’s not working. We should continue this. A little silliness won’t hurt us.

 Think healthy & happiness:

As we know that healthy diet and daily exercise can shape our body.

Yes, instead of thinking about how much our body weighs, or how it’s shaped, We should think about all the amazing things that it can give us. 

 we should do it with a positive mindset. one thing I should like to add, excess of everything is bad. Do it as per body requirement and under supervision of a trainer.

Surround yourself with positivity:

This is the fact that negative messages about body image are available all around us  and we  also find  negative posts about  on social media.

 They have the purpose  of weaseling  into our thoughts and enhancing  our  insecurities about perceptions.

 According to one study, participants who spent more time on social media were more likely to develop a negative body image, and also develop eating disorders. So, we should try to cut out the negativity by minimizing the use of social media.

We should look for positive people, people who practice self-love, and people who will encourage us  to be who we  are .

Focus on the things that you like  :

Every time a negative thought about our body pops into our mind.  We should  counter it with something positive thoughts.

I try to make  list of the things that suit to  our body rather than  how it looks.  We are generally   inclined to look for our dissatisfactions by nature  and overlook the good things. To break out of that way of hinking, we should practice upon the positive thinking on our body.

Stop comparing with others

Different People come in different  shapes and sizes. One person is beautiful in one way, and the other person in some other way.  Imagine how boring it would be if there were only one way to be, and to feel beautiful. Comparing ourselves with others can leave us feeling like  don’t look the way we are. But why should  we supposed to look like someone else, we should be supposed to look like what I am.

Cut out negative self-talk

You have been criticizing yourself for years and it has not worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens…louise Hay

We should treat our body with the same kindness we use to treat a friend. 

  Negative self-talk only digs us deeper into body negative patterns of thinking.  We should not expect any verbal abuse from anybody especially from ourselves.

Observe positive messages of Body

As we find always full of negative messages about body

We should balance that negative noise out with some good & positive perspectives. There is a lot of great literature out there about body image, and it will be of  huge help keeping positivity within us.

we can read as well as we can listen to songs with body-positive messages through social media.

 Do something nice for your body

Can We remember When was the last time we appreciate our body by  just saying that — hey, my body, thanks for sticking with me?

Yes, Carve out some time to go lay in the grass with enthusiasm.

  A walk up the hill to have a pretty view. Taking a good nap can also be a way to appreciate our body..

Focus on your whole personality

 We should remember that we  are  much more than how we  look !

A key piece of having a healthy body image is to stop fixating on our body.

We should try to spend more time thinking about things other than our physical appearance.

Yes, We should enjoy our passions and  start  a new hobby. Rush to movie with friends and  we should try something new  for soothing our mind and body. Our body isn’t just a decorative piece for looking, So, we should get out from any embarrassments and do the thing for living the joyful life.

Treat yourself and your body with a little more kindness. Ditch the negative self-talk. Nurture yourself, look after yourself.  Stay Happy ….Stay Healthy ..

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  1. Motivational and informative.

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  2. Thank you for the inspiring post. I too need to exercise routinely but I often fail to do so. Thank you for being so positive, so active, so vivacious.

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  3. Topic is very much informative. Exercise should be regularly to make our body fit and healthy. Thought should be positive.

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  4. Nice post

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  5. Excellent Motivation
    Thanks for your share

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  6. Nice blog. It is said that one should treat body like temple and take full care.

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  7. I eat healthy foods in moderation and jog, exercise, and meditate and my health & wellness
    preserve my body & in essence a satisfied body is a state of mind when you properly and appropriate take care of our body physically & mentally!

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    In order to carry a positive action,
    we must develop a positive vision.
    Stay positive.. Stay alive…


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