# Stop Fear in Mind #

Friends ,

There is a sharpest surge in Covid case again in our country. Each subsequent wave of the pandemic is being seen the number of the affected rise in geometric progression.

Please, do not panic in such an environment. This time too will pass, we have to be patient and careful. Have positive thinking and keep ourselves and the environment around us fearless. There is a beautiful story would like to tell..

We all know that the running speed of deer is 90 km per hour and the speed of tiger is only 60 km per hour, yet the tiger hunts deer.

This is only because, there is a fear in the mind of the deer that he is weaker than the tiger.  Due to that fear, he is forced to look back again and again while running to save his life from Tiger.

This worry reduces his speed and morale, and ultimately, he becomes a victim of that tiger.

Same thing is happening in case of Corona today. We have got an ability with manifold immunity to fight corona. But our morale and immunity decrease only because of the fear of corona pandemic and we get sick.

In this connection, I remembered a beautiful story which I want to present here.

Once upon a time there was a king administering his state with joy and peace with their people (praja).. One day while he was sleeping, a shadow appeared in his dream.

The shadow told the king – Rajan, I am an epidemic and I have received an order from our God to kill 500 people of your Nagar.

The king frightened to know the fact from shadow and opened his eyes. In the next morning he has announced among their people  that the epidemic is about to hit the Nagar.

On hearing the news of the coming of the epidemic, an atmosphere of panic and fear has been created.

The king knew that 500 people would die due to this epidemic. But surprised to see that 5500 people lost their lives.

So, the king felt sad and at the same time was getting angry that why the epidemic lied to him ?

When the epidemic started going back, the king asked him – you had promised about taking 500 lives only  … but how did more than 5500 people died  here?

The epidemic smiled and replied – Rajan, I have killed only 500 people as per promise with you, but due to the atmosphere of fear and panic you have created, five thousand more lives have gone.  Thus, it is not our fault Rajan.

Today’s environment is also the same.

Again, headlines in the newspaper are being made about knocking of the third wave of Corona pandemic in our country. It has been found that people are getting infected with Omicron, a new variant of corona and this variant is expected to be more dangerous than the previous corona variant.

But we should not panic because of this, we should face the situation arising today with patient and courage.

Friends, do not panic in such an environment. This time too will pass, we have to be patient and careful. Have positive thinking and keep yourself and the environment around you fearless. 

Take care, just don’t be careless and take care of yourself. Leave everything else to God, whatever has to happen, it will happen. Be happy and remove all fear from your mind.

It is the fact that Half of a person becomes ill by accepting the disease mentally.

Do not be panic to look the daily figure of corona patient and do not engage yourself in forwarding it on social media. The more positive mind will have more healthy body .

Please tell this to all your friends so that the mind is positive and the mind remains healthy.

Some Dos and Don’ts …

Looking to the corona pandemic, ICMR Indian council of medical research has release some guideline for the people of country | please read carefully…

  • Postpone travel abroad for 2 years.
  • Do not eat outside food for 1 year.
  • Do not go to unnecessary marriage or other similar ceremony.
  • Do not take unnecessary travel trips.
  • Do not go to crowded place for at least for one year.
  • Completely follow social distancing norms.
  • Stay away from a person who have cough.
  • Keep the face mask on.
  • Do not let  the  any mess around you.
  • Prefer vegetarian food.
  • Do not go to the cinema, mall, crowded market for 6 months now, if possible, park, party etc should also be avoided.
  • Increase immunity with Yoga and other means .
  • Be very careful while at barber shop or at beauty salon parlour.
  • Avoid unnecessary meeting, always keep in mind social distancing, The threat of corona is not going to end soon.
  • Don’t wear belt, rings, wrist watch, when you go out. watch is not required. your mobile has got time.
  • No handkerchief, take sanitizer and tissue if required.
  • Do not bring the shoes in your house. Leave them outside.
  • Clean your hand and legs when you come home from outside .
  • When you feel you have come nearer to a suspected patience take a through bath.
  • Lockdown or no lockdown next 6 months to 8 months follow these precautions…

Take care of yourself and your family and keep following the corona protocol.

Think positive and be positive… if you haven’t got the vaccine, then definitely get it.

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  1. Wonderful and apt message for today’s world.

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  2. Excellently composed. Nice to share it with the world 🌎

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  3. Thank you so much dear ..
    Your words boost my confidence..


  4. This is timely reminder!

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    a smile is a spiritual perfume you spray on others,
    everyone near you benefit from it.


  6. Thank you for your post. You are quite right; fear is a major cause of harm and death. You may be interested in my post.


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