# Romance with Selfie #

Keep your mind cool and calm in any condition
because that makes your life happy..
Stay happy…Stay blessed..


Dear friends,

Look at the above picture…

If this picture has anything important to say at the moment. Do you know. What ?

I would say…..I am in this,  I am excited, I am young, I am a student, I am happy and someone cared enough about me in this world to click my picture. This  is now memories of 42 years old..

Are you agree with me ?

Now, look this picture below. This is selfie and the good thing about selfie is that they remove the need for someone to care enough about you to take your picture.

And that is good not just because it makes you more “atma-nirbhar”(Independent), but because no one else will ever care about you more than the way you do about yourself.

Selfies are the best picture.

Yes, I can say that from my personal experience.

That is because only…

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  1. Yes sir, selfie always give us pleasure and love ourselves. It is described our personal feelings about life.

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