# Romance with Selfie #

Dear friends,

Look at the above picture…

If this picture has anything important to say at the moment. Do you know. What ?

I would say…..I am in this,  I am excited, I am young, I am a student, I am happy and someone cared enough about me in this world to click my picture. This  is now memories of 42 years old..

Are you agree with me ?

Now, look this picture below. This is selfie and the good thing about selfie is that they remove the need for someone to care enough about you to take your picture.

And that is good not just because it makes you more “atma-nirbhar”(Independent), but because no one else will ever care about you more than the way you do about yourself.

Selfies are the best picture.

 Yes, I can say that from my personal experience.

That is because only you can care enough to know at what angle you should hold the camera to cover your bald spot and which angle can satisfy your desire to click.

You only care about your good side, and which part of your body  you are confident about.

Other people, they give a flying eff, they just click the picture, and move on, and may be even worse when that unflattering picture has been posted on their social media wall..

Obsession with the selfie might appear to be new but it is not so.

In our times no Smartphone was there, still we used to click our selfie with the help of mirror on the wall.

and sometimes we used to see our face in clean and stagnant water in the pond and click with our box camera that was  available during  that times.

That was also considered as selfie, because it does not need any caring person to click.

But this day we have been   provided with smartphone with sophisticated built camera. We are using the technology to express our sternal narcissism. 

Now we can actually obtain photographic evidence, and we can manipulate that evidence as much as we want, through use of filters and good angles.

But worst part is that when we hear of people dying while taking selfie at dangerous locations due to their obsession of selfie.

sometimes when couples out on date would rather take selfie of themselves than pictures of the other, it taps into something more elemental, that romantic love, like taking selfie, is narcissism too.


Selfie is a good thing but their obsession is bad. we should take our selfie off and on just for the sake of entertainment only  with utmost precaution,

Are you agree with me ? Please send me your comments.

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  1. Excess of anything is bad. Selfie is not an exception. People risk their lives for taking selfies.

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  2. Every thing has limitations. Some times it becomes addiction. Many things in your article are useful.

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  3. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Keep your mind cool and calm in any condition
    because that makes your life happy..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..

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