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The Khel Ratna Award, also known as the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award, is India’s highest sporting honour bestowed upon sportspersons. This award is given out annually by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs to eligible candidates

In the current year the following sports persons have been awarded with Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award :.

S NoNameSports
1Ravi Kumar Dahiya  Wrestling  
2     Sumit Antil  Para-Athletics  
3 Krishna Nagar  Para-badminton
4Pramod Bhagat  Para-badminton  
5Mithali Raj  Cricket  
6Sunil Chhetri  Football  
7Neeraj Chopra  Atheletics  
8PR Sreejesh  Hockey  
9Manpreet Singh  Hockey  
10Lovlina Borgohain  Boxing  
11Avani Lekhara  Paralympic Shooting  
12Manish Narwal  Paralympic Shooting  


We all know about Major Dhyan Chand and National Sports Day is celebrated every year on August 29 to commemorate hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand’s birthday ..

On this occasion, I would like to share some facts about the legendary Dhyan Chand and discover the secret of his mastery.

We would try to see what learning there is in it for us to achieve our highest proficiency. That will be real tribute to the Hockey Jadugar .

The legendary Dhyan Chand is widely regarded as the best field hockey player in the world ever. He represented India in the 1928, 1932, and 1936 Olympics, winning a gold medal on all three occasions.

He played internationally hockey from 1926 to 1949. Today we will take inspiration from his life story.

Purpose of life

  • A village boy Dhyan Chand was interested in wrestling and was bantamweight, but when he joined the Indian army, he was introduced to field hockey, and he began practicing it beyond everybody else.
  • He would put the ball on the railway track and run with it for miles without permitting it to fall. Day time practice was not enough for him. He would in the night, again go out to practice. Since it would be dark, he would wait for the moon to come out.
  • His original name, few know, was not Dhyan Chand, but Dhyan Singh. However, since he practiced so often under the moon, his colleagues gave him the name Dhyan Chand.
  • In 1924, when field hockey was re-introduced into the Olympics, India decided to send its best teams for the Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  

There in the finals, India and Netherlands played, and India beat Netherlands 4-1 to win a gold medal.

They could not believe the mastery that Dhyan Chand displayed with his stick,  so the people of Netherlands broke his stick to see if he actually had a magnet in it.

  • On his return to india , Dhyan Chand practiced even  more and enhanced his proficiency to the next level.

For the next Olympics in Los Angeles, Dhyan Chand arrived with the Indian team in USA. The final took place between India and the United States, and this time India beat the United States 24-1, of which Dhyan Chand scored 8 goals, and this was the biggest drubbing ever in international hockey match.

Dhyan Chand was also the highest scores of the tournament. The next Olympics were in 1936.   

  • Dhyan Chand was now an even better hockey player and he was the captain of the Indian team also.

When they reached Berlin, before the tournament, India played a friendly match against Germany and they lost. This demoralized them. Besides, some of their best players were sick or injured, however the expectations from India were high.

By now, Dhyan Chand was known as the wizard of Indian hockey .  and posters had been displayed   in Berlin – – come and watch the Indian magician of hockey.

In that tournament, India and Germany both reached the finals. To watch the final match, the stadium was full with 40000 Germans sitting eagerly. Hitler too, came and was hopeful that Germany would win the gold medal.

The Indian players, watching the hostile environment, and were nervous.

At half time, both teams were equal with one goal each. In the second half, India raced ahead to beat Germany 8 -1. 

  • After the match, Hitler spoke to Dhyan Chand . Looking at his worn- out meager canvas shoes,

He asked Dhyan Chand — what do you do ?

Dhyan Chand said —  I am in Indian army,

what is your rank ? – Hitler asked .

I am a Lance Naik – Dhyan Chand replied politely .

Then Hitler said —  come over to Germany, I will make you a lieutenant colonel in the German  army.

Dhyan chand gave a bold response to the Hitler, the leader of the Nazi world.  He said —   India is not for sale.

Subsequently, Dhyan Chand, with three Olympic gold medals under his belt continued to play and in international hockey, he scored 440 + goals in his life. 

  • When he met Sir Donald Bradman, who widely reputed to be the best batsman ever.  Bradman had this to say to him — he scores goals the way I score runs in the cricket. So what was the secret of Dhyan Chand’s mastery ?

Yes, This is the fact that It was his immense practice that he had put into it.

The scientist who did the most ground breaking study into the science of neural learning was Donald hebb.  His theory is today famous as Hebbian learning.

He discovered and postulated, that whenever we do any work, one neuron fires the next, which again fires the next to accomplish mental and physical work.

They said, when the axon of one neuron fires a second neuron repeatedly. Day after day slowly organic changes take place in both the neurons resulted in a man will improve day by day in that particular skill.

Yes, we can learn from that legendary to have patience and practice. We have to Practice daily our skill, if not, that skill will evaporate in the absence of practice after few days..,

Hence the message for all of us that practice is always the key to mastery.

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  1. Nicely collected the life of Dhyan Chand and his contribution to the country and presented it nicely by your art of writing. Enjoyed .

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  2. Dhyan Chand’s story very nicely narrated. He was truly world’s envy and India’s pride.

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  3. There are many football tournaments arranged at the regional levels that help to search for the budding talents of football. Sometimes the tournaments are arranged in the school level so that the possible footballer can be trained from the young age. These local tournaments often play a crucial role in a person career. Most of the leading Indian footballers today have come through from the local leagues. Indian Regional Football Tournaments include Durand Cup, IFA Shield, Subroto Cup, Santosh Trophy, Indian Super Cup and Federation Cup.

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