I just want my Mom

मौत के डर से ही सही , ज़िन्दगी को फुर्सत तो मिली ,
सडकों को राहत और घरों को रौनक तो मिली ,
कुदरत तेरा रूठना भी ज़रूरी था ,
इंसान का घमंड टूटना भी ज़रूरी था ,
हर कोई खुद को यहाँ खुदा समझ बैठा था ,
ये शक भी दूर होना ज़रूरी था …


Sometimes, such a news is seen in front of our eyes, which makes us think that to what extent a mother sacrifices for the safety of her son, it could only be happened in our country.

Yes, I read a news today that a mother donates vital organs to her son twice to save his life.

Lying on the mattress with her gaze fixed on the static fan, she prays silently for a miracle. The thought of losing her son sleeping peacefully right next to her, shakes her to the core.

As she lovingly strokes his forehead, she can’t stop herself from falling apart. She weeps quietly, afraid that she would wake up her child. Her son is suffering from liver disorder, and doctors have recommended a transplant of liver immediately .

She has requested to the doctor to give her organs to the ailing son and she is waiting…

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