# I am a Positive thinker #

Train your mind to see something
good in everything…
Stay happy…Stay positive…


A week ago I received a call from one of my close friend.,

After brief talk, he suddenly asked me .… how I write my blog on daily basis. ?

And how I keep positive all the time. ? which thing motivate you ?

I did not react immediately and I just laughed and escaped it .

Next morning my word press.com displayed.… you have posted 93 blog in a streak .. that is the great feeling for me…But my target is to go up to 250.

Friends, I would like to disclose here that.. Blogging is my passion and I enjoy writing blog every moment.

This is one of the ways to stay in connect with my online friends which are physically distant but connected emotionally with my heart.

This passion is a boon for me that helps me to keep away from stress that arises due to corona…

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