# I am a Positive thinker #

A week ago I received a call from one of my close friend.,

After brief talk, he suddenly asked me .… how I write my blog on daily basis. ?

And how I keep positive all the time. ? which thing motivate you ?

I did not react immediately and I just laughed and escaped it .    

Next morning my word press.com displayed.…  you have posted 93 blog in a streak .. that is the great feeling for me…But my target is to go up to 250.

Friends,  I would like to disclose here that.. Blogging is my passion and I enjoy writing blog every moment.

This is one of the ways to stay in connect with my online friends which are physically distant but connected emotionally with my heart.

This passion is a boon for me that helps me to keep away from stress that arises due to corona pandemic.

Actually, I want to be a Positive thinker and a creative artist.

Being a positive thinker is not about ignoring reality in favor of aspirational thoughts. … Instead, it involves a lifelong commitment to looking inside yourself and being willing to challenge negative thoughts and make positive changes.

I am just learning the ways how to manage stress and negativity in our life.

I got sufficient time at home due to corona pandemic to keep on learning Art & Drawing and, Blogging too, Perhaps this will help me to keep positive and creative.  

I have read somewhere, that the human mind is so powerful that it can think of 30000-70000 thoughts a day, but most of them are completely useless & unproductive.

If you want to be a positive thinker then you have to learn exactly how to think and then how to be focused.

Being focused doesn’t mean that you know the answer of every question, , it means you know a lot of questions and have the curiosity & passion to find the answers.

Life is all about the survival of the fittest, if we are living on this planet, then it means we have to hustle to make ends meet.

This is not so easy ​because circumstances can change within a fraction of seconds and even your best laid-out plans can collapse like a house of cards.

Corona pandemic is the living example.

Time is relative and there’s uncertainty of situations. Therefore, one needs to keep himself motivated to face future challenges and to accomplish goals, which can only be possible if we have a positive mind-set.

My thinking is that, one should not feel lonely in the journey of life, because many achievers have walked through the same deserted pathways. And have found their way to success through self-motivation and positive thinking.

Yes, our mind is very fickle, it sometimes starts wandering in the world of fantasies. By twisting the words of the thoughts arising in the mind, sometimes I use to get the freedom to express my feelings in a few lines, which people call this as poetry, Yes sometimes I write poems also as a part my creativity.

In today’s Corona era, perhaps the definition of life has changed, so I have made an effort to find the right definition of life through my poems …

There are some tips to stay positive all the time, one should have a look..

   Start smiling more. 

When you smile, your brain activates neural messages that actually make you feel more positive. It works even you’re feeling kind of bad mood. Yes, when you smile, you’ll spread positivity around to other people also, putting other people in good moods as well. It’s good for everyone.

Practice forcing yourself to smile, and that will become your second nature.

Make little changes in the words you use

It’s easy to say things that can accidentally bring you down. Using positive words, as opposed to negative words, has a proven effect on your mood and your attitude.

 Just remember, do not identify yourself with your feelings. Don’t say, “I am sad” or “I am frustrated.” Instead, put the negativity elsewhere.  And Say, ” I am happy. I can do this task easily.

Do nice things for others,

This is the fact that, we feel happy to do something better for others, that is natural. .Choose to spread positivity around, and the smiles you get in return will do a lot to make you think more positively.

Here a few little ideas for things you can do to brighten someone else’s day:..

  • Clean up the house before your partner or roommate gets home.
  • Make a coffee or donuts for your  family.
  • Feed the hungry. You will feel happy and positive
  • Just say hello and compliment a stranger

Eat Well

This saying is true….. As is the food, so is the mind.  What you put into your body can have a big impact on how you feel, both physically and mentally.

Getting more leafy greens, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate in your diet is proven to come with mood-altering properties for the better.

Always eat breakfast. Research reveals that people who eat breakfast are helping to jumpstart their metabolism, resulting in more energy and positivity throughout the day.

Eat complex carbohydrates, found in oatmeal, whole grains, and sweet potato, to give yourself energy without the crash associated with simple carbs, like sugary cereals and processed foods.

relax yourself when you need to.

Relaxation is essential to staying positive. If you’re in the stressful situation, train yourself to take a relaxation break when you need it. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you’re doing what you need to do to stay healthy.

•     Take short breaks periodically throughout the day. 10-15 minutes of sitting quietly and listening to meditative music, or reading a magazine during a busy workday can help you feel a lot more positive about the day.

•     Take a day break in a week from office and use it to charged  yourself for the coming busy schedule.

Stay busy. 

Work hard and play hard. Fill up your schedule with activities that will keep you so busy you won’t have time to sink back into negative feelings. If you’re focused and productive, it’s hard to feel negative about much of anything.

 Stay focused on the things you like doing and your accomplishments, not on anything else.

  • Exercise daily. 

Exercise is shown to have drastic and positive effects on our mood, releasing stress-reducing hormones in our body that help to keep feeling good.

Yes, make routine of Exercise daily to keep positive and healthy.

  •  Just start by taking 30-40 minute walks around neighborhood, moving at a good track. . Cue up some music or a podcast that you enjoy in your headphones, and get some fresh air.
  • We can enjoy playing sport that you like, like football, soccer, basketball, or volleyball, and join a community team if you enjoy the positive effects of sport.
  • We can join Gym  or try a solo activity like hiking, swimming, or cycling .


Negative emotions can spiral. If you want to stop letting yourself sink down into bad feelings, you can train yourself to let the light in.

You can learn to find the bright side and stay positive all the time, avoiding negativity in your life.

I hope this article may be helpful to stay positive and happy..


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  1. Your confession being a positive thinker have many inspiring tips.You have nicely presented your thoughts. Many many thanks.

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  2. Everyone should enjoy their life like you do. Keep up the spirit sir!!! Stay positive

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  3. Your thought process is way ahead of negativity. You are the source of light , spreading positivity to any soul connecting you by chance or by choice. Very impressive.,

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  4. You’re so right … it’s essential (especially during these trying times) to stay positive. And I’ve learned over the years, it’s so much easier when you’re doing something good to someone else (even if it’s just a honest smile and greet) … you’re basically reflecting that positiveness you’re showing to someone else, back to yourself!
    Happy thoughts, happy days 😊.

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  5. I must complement you for being so committed in writing blogs on daily basis without fail. Your blogs are informative and interesting and spreading positivity. More power to you for writing daily blogs.

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Train your mind to see something
    good in everything…
    Stay happy…Stay positive…


  7. Great one of its class. A POSITIVE one.

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  8. such an inspirational post. Thank you 🙂

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