# I love Drawing because…

Good morning friends..
Never Judge People by their past..
People learn, people change, people move on..


As we know that there is great relationship between the arts and mental health.

Whenever I am suffering from anxiety and depression, I usually starts doing my drawing & painting, it looks like a therapy for me, that cool down my anxiety and anger and give immediate relief. This is well proven for me .

In one study, cognitive neuroscientists found thatcreating art reduces cortisol levels (markers for stress), and that through art, people can induce positive mental states. These studies are part of a new field of research, called neurasthenics,

Now, It is my routine to do painting and art on daily basis for promoting my mental health and physical health as well.

I can say practicing the arts has been beneficial to build the capacity for managing my mental and emotional well-being.

Drawing & Painting can help to create a greater sense of self-esteem, appreciation and a more…

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