# I love Drawing because…

As we know that there is great relationship between the arts and mental health.

Whenever I am suffering from anxiety and depression, I usually starts doing my drawing & painting, it looks like a therapy for me, that cool down my anxiety and anger and give immediate relief.  This is well proven for me .

In one study, cognitive neuroscientists found that creating art reduces cortisol levels (markers for stress), and that through art, people can induce positive mental states. These studies are part of a new field of research, called neurasthenics,

Now, It is my routine to do painting and art on daily basis for promoting my  mental health and  physical health as well.

I can say practicing the arts has been beneficial to build the capacity for managing my mental and emotional well-being.

My Granddaughter ABHIKA

Drawing & Painting can help to create a greater sense of self-esteem, appreciation and a more positive state of mind. yes, Painting can help to generate positive emotions such as joy, contentment and contentment with one’s own life.

Most artists practice for years before they are able to render something realistic,  but at the learning period they make many mistakes in their work  along the way,

Actually, they know that the brain rewards learning. I am also doing many mistakes in my  drawing and sometimes it keep me frustrating also .

When I started  my drawing self at home , I found my granddaughter is a good competitor in drawing . I therefore  keep  practice and practice all the way on daily basis.  My granddaughter is also making lovely drawings .

We always motivate each other for drawing  and painting .

I know, There is nothing worse for kids than getting in trouble for something, if  I have not encouraged her in right way — it can crush their love of art and inhibit creative exploration.

My Granddaughter ABHIKA

Generally, children all the year they are careless, but as the exam starts approaching, they start exerting more and more and more.

And the day before their exam, their catching power is the most.

why that is so,?  Perhaps it is the intellect that realize them the value of the time,

It means that our kids are more intelligent and if their energy be utilized in better way, they can perform beyond imagination even in drawing and painting.

Drawing & Painting also helps to improve memory performance and is a great way to sharpen the mind not only in terms of creativity but also in terms of memory.

Drawing & Painting is a new way to engage the mind, to open up emotions in a healthy way and to create a good feeling.

It has numerous other benefits for the well-being. Painting as a hobby not only makes us better, but also protects our health, awakens joy and secures our brain function for the future.

At the Last ,  It is never too late to start a new hobby, and learning a craft is a fantastic way to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Painting helps to build strong mental health at any age, so it is always worth starting and starting new hobbies at any stage as the case of mine.

In other words, we can say that painting has helped to build a solid mentality at all ages. Painting helps build strong mental health at any age,  it is  never too late to kick off a new hobby like this..

Don’t let your age  stop you from pursuing something that you want to try as hobby because of your other responsibilities  at the present situation.

I would recommend painting to those who are struggling with mental health problems, particularly depression or anxiety disorders. Although not an instant cure, but  painting could play a part in recovering from this.

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  1. Intresting and informative

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  2. So nicely said sir. One is never too old to learn a new hobby! 👌

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  3. Yes dear,
    Learning is a continuous process ,
    there is no age barrier for learning.
    In fact, we enjoy our Beautiful life
    keeping this process of learning..


  4. Drawing and painting are arts.It devlopes our creativity, brain storming.What we done,it gives us pleasure and peace.
    Good your love for painting and drawing.


  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Good morning friends..
    Never Judge People by their past..
    People learn, people change, people move on..


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