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Good morning friends..


Man Photographer Taking Pictures Silhouette Concept; Shutterstock ID 331505345

Hello friends,

Can I consider myself as Photographer ? I do like to click pictures whenever I am travelling. Unlike others, I do not abstain myself taking picture of natures and other situations. This must be considered as my hobby.

Yes, I consider myself as a photographer. Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images. I do like photography. “I really believe that there are things people know wont be able to see if I didn’t photographed them.” …

Now, I havea lot of pictures stored in my mobile that are clicked by me from time to time.

I am not good at Photography, still some of the clicks can be considered as a good photograph.

It is the fact that I love to click but I have other passions that outrank my photography hobby.

I usually take…

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