# Yes, I can draw #

Nothing teaches better than this trio,
The fears…the tears…the years…
This is Golden Trio..


Sometimes I do scribbling. I use to write my feelings in my note book ..those lines act as therapy for me .

I am banker by profession now retired after 32 years of experience of banking. I am passionate about acquiring new knowledge and sharing positive thoughts among near and dear.

I got an opportunity to see different places in India and abroad during my service span.

I was hospitable and have served people of their need. I was very happy with my professional Life and enjoyed throughout my career.

It was indeed my hobby toalways interact with my client and friendsand try to solve their problems. I have developed problem solving skills, flexibility, versatility and communication skill within me..

Now I am not afraid of problems coming in my life as I expect them to come .

when I am talking about drawing and painting, it was my…

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