# Yes, I can draw #

Sometimes I do scribbling.  I use to write my feelings in my note book ..those  lines act  as therapy for me .

I am banker by profession now retired after 32 years of experience of banking. I am passionate about acquiring new knowledge and sharing positive thoughts among near and dear.

 I got an opportunity to see different places in India and abroad during my service span.

I was hospitable and have served people of their need.  I was very happy with my professional Life and enjoyed throughout my career.

It was indeed my hobby to always interact with my client and friends and try to solve their problems. I have developed problem solving skills, flexibility, versatility and communication skill within me..

Now I am not afraid of problems coming in my life as I expect them to come .

when I am talking about drawing and painting, it was my hobby from my childhood. But many times I have said to myself …., I can’t draw. No, really, I can’t make drawings . 

Perhaps, that was my fear , But after my retirement, I tried again with my pencil and paper and now I can draw something ..

Yes I overcome my fear for the reason of my desire and determination to learn drawings..

I just started an art gallery in the name of ” Me and my Art”  with the purpose to connect art lovers through my Blogs.

I have promised to myself that I will  complete one sketch or drawing or painting daily and post them through my Blog .

I have experienced that every art , drawing  or painting tells something to me and they connect with my thoughts too..

Although, I am not good at drawing and painting. Still I am learning and enjoying my passion.

I am also acquiring  appreciation  and beautiful comments  from you all that motivate  me to do my Best..

Thanks for reading this Blog, ..Please share your views..

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  1. Nice drawings. I think that you are better than me.You have explored your hobbies in retired life and sharing the same to us. It gives pleasure to all.

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  2. I read you blogs daily… Don’t know why but it always brings smile to my face. I wish when I reach your age, I can be like you. Someone spreading positivity and smile… living the life to the fullest…☺️
    P.S: nice sketching 👍

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  3. Good morning dear..,,
    Hope you are well there..


  4. Art speaks for itself, as also for artist. You have chosen a right path. All the best! BTW, is it your latest pic, a bald one?

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  5. Very nice drawing sir… You are a versatile artist… Writing plus drawing, both doing so well… 💯🎉👍

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  6. This is just another side of creating yourself. May the start of your new journey explains you the fact that you got another wonderful job.

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  7. Nice drawing and sketches. I must commend you for developing all your creative skills post retirement

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  8. Deine Zeichnungen ist super, mir gefallen Sie. Wäre selbst sehr glücklich über diese Gabe.
    Lieben Gruß Lis

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  9. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Nothing teaches better than this trio,
    The fears…the tears…the years…
    This is Golden Trio..


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