# Random Thought #

Never see what has been done,
only see what remains to be done..


Corona is mutating fast; the third wave is approaching sooner than expected.

Yes, the situation is changing very fast,

Now the whole society is ready to get new structure and environment accordingly.

An invisible virus (corona) that had tremendous effect which was seen in our old system, life behavior and business. The economy of affected countries is also under tremendous pressure.

Accordingly, We also have to change our thinking, understanding and activism while welcoming this new change.

In the future, the environment of our creation can become even more ruined, as it has been feared that the presentenvironment is going to get spoiled.

To adapt ourself to the new change, some preparation should be done not only at our level, but to adopt at society, country and world level. So that it becomes easy to move forward.

The most important role is that of our mind, action and thoughts.,


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