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I think Blogging is a way to share our thoughts and try to find something interesting, something unique. The very purpose of Blogging is to present our thought and feelings in a clear, systematic and arranged manner, so that more people get connected and share the mutual experienced and thought.

This is my hobby turned into my passion of blogging now. I think Blogging is wonderful, as you get to meet so many fellow bloggers, and they become your Internet family.

As I have discussed about three categories of my Blog in the last article, I again want to say something about my sketching and drawing.

However, the link of my previous article is given below

Yes, my Blog has one favorite category about my persuasion in sketching and drawing. I love to do sketch and drawing that gives me immense satisfaction and making my mood fresh.

My day starts with the visit of the blog site of sketching and drawing of the blogger friends and find motivation about drawing and painting, That matters me , .. yes, I can also sketch and draw.  I find the reasons of my drawing.

On every Monday, during my morning walk I occupy sit on the bench there and do the drawing exercise in the peaceful and natural environment that gives me immense pleasure and excitement doing this.

I love to draw and sketch and I’ve been doing it for last two years. It is the one thing that motivates me in life and something I am doing all day.

I remember when I was just started my drawing. I went through the phase where I felt sad and hopeless about my drawings because I am not good at drawing.

 After seeing countless artworks on social media, I felt even more depressed. I felt worthless about my artwork and even thinking about giving up.

 However, I felt like what motivated me to keep practicing and improving day by day and my drawing teacher always motivate to develop these skills.

Even though I disappointed with my artwork and lacked self-confidence, I still didn’t give up on doing regularly.  It was probably because I loved sketching and painting so much that I just couldn’t give up.

In fact, it is my passion of love for drawing that I could not give up..

It was just my thought that Who cares if my art looks so bad. What matters for me at end of the day is that you enjoyed the process.

When I do a painting or a drawing, what matters to me the most is the journey of creating painting of my choice. It is the most exciting and memorable part of drawing.

In my opinion, there is nothing more important than your happiness.  who cares about what others think, who cares if your bad or good at it .

who cares if your artwork looks worse than a doodle made by a kindergartener. What you should prioritize is your passion.

If you are passionate then no matter what people say, you still can’t give up on it. Trust me, the more you draw the faster you’ll improve. I would say 1 year can be enough for an artist to improve significantly.

My drawing teacher once said ..If you want to improve in art, then there are many ways to do so. If you want to improve your anatomy drawings then you can start with life drawings. You have plenty of reference images online for figure drawings and sketches.

You can do the same for almost every type of drawing such as facial drawing, landscape, animals, various other objects that you find near you. I appreciate my teacher to keep me motivating in doing the same.

I use to visit different website for various figure drawings.  My teacher also suggested   not be critical about your drawing.  Just feel   crazy about your passion ..  The intension is to relax your mind and your arms.

I know that the only way to improve my sketching and drawing is by practicing every day.  Doing so I will see an improvement in my artistic skills.

I do remember that every artist needs to practice to improve their skills. Geniuses are not born but created.

Thanks for taking time for  my article , please be feel free to say few words that will certainly motivate me.

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  1. Beautiful drawings sir! Keep going for your passion 🌺👌🏼

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  2. Fantastic sketches! Keep up the great work!!! 👍❤

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  3. Poetry and Art are both so therapeutic, keep going!

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  4. Your sketches are very much beautiful. 👌👌👌👏👏👏🌹

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  5. Enjoyed reading.

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  6. Beautiful sketches. Go on doing the work. It will give pleasure and satisfaction.
    Video clip is also nice.

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  7. Great. Your sketching, writing & expression of thoughts are nice.

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  8. You are a talented artist. Thanks for sharing your sketches.

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    Do not compare your life to others,
    there is no comparison between the Sun and the Moon.
    They shine when it is their time..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..



  1. # Sketching is my passion # – عنوان الموقعkobra1

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