# My First Blog Entry#

Hello friends,

It has been nearly one and a half year since I started my blog .

My first post was on the 30th of December 2019.  I started my blog just to spend my quality time with all good friends through social media.

I think Blogging is a way to share our thoughts and try to find something interesting, something unique. The very purpose of Blogging is to present our thought and feelings in a clear, systematic and arranged manner. So that more people get attached and share the mutual experienced and thought.

 Doing experiments with my blog always excite me and motivate to write even better. That’s kind of fun I want to share with you all.

The other main purpose was to do social service through my writing, motivating my friends to live the life at fullest.  After spending some time, I have seen more opportunity and realize my passion for writing.

But frankly speaking I don’t have any experience about writing and have no idea what I am writing and how to select my content and how to create Blog post. It is a matter of curiosity for me.

I told myself …. just move on. Let us enjoy the experience of our new hobby. I committed myself,  ..Yes, I can do this.. I will make myself busy and keep myself fit with healthy friend circle.

In this process some idea came to my mind and I decided to write about my journey of life and my experiences,

After sometime that idea got success and then I have made eight categories in my Blog on which I am focusing and creating my articles.

The 1st category is health and fitness ..

This is the first and foremost category. I love to write article on health and fitness mantra with motivation to live happy life,

Health means a person has good physical health, diseases free and no health issues, . and fitness is the condition of being physically active. 

Fitness is a result of balanced nutrition and proper conditioning,

It means a person is having good mental and physical health.

I found that this has not only benefited to all my friends but it has benefited me more. People say that if you want to convince others, first convinced yourself. That motivation mantra works on me and I am always on my motives.

The 2nd category is memoir..

Memoir is a narrative composed from personal experience. Every memoir reminds me of the faraway and long-ago incidences and also of persons and places that can be recalled to refresh myself…

As we are experiencing so many incidence happening around us.. that gave me an idea to start a new topic.

I want to learn more skills and improve myself day by day .

My priority is to express my feeling and share my life experience with my social media friends for mutual benefit. I love to write memoir and I enjoy to do so.

I am still spending so much time to learn how to write a blog and my journey continues.

My 3rd category is Sketch and Painting ..

I had read somewhere that the art is a therapy also known as expressive therapy, It can be used as a means of communication and lets people explore and express their emotions and thoughts through art.

Now, this is like therapy for me too and the good news is that it doesn’t need to be very creative or artistic to take up this therapy.

My sketches and painting create a greater sense of self-esteem, and whenever I get appreciation, it creates a more positive state of mind.

 Really, I am enjoying my sketches and paintings that help me to generate positive emotions such as joy, and contentment with my own life.

I started this hobby very late but I know it is never too late to start this type of new hobby, because learning a craft and painting is a fantastic way to improve our mental health and wellbeing. so I feel it is a worth starting at any stage of life.

Moreover, my drawing and painting are relaxing and rewarding hobbies for me .

Whenever I feel depress, I use my pencil and paper to draw something with my feelings that reduce my stress level immediately and feel mentally peace.

I am habitual of daily drawing, and repetitive creative expression brings many benefits to me.

I also use to watch great works of others, and always try to learn something new from it.

I would recommend painting to those who are struggling with mental health problems, particularly depression or anxiety disorders.

I am not good at painting, still it gives an instant cure in case of my mental fatigue and also helps in recovering from this.

Friends, now I will continue this topic in my next Blog but before that I would like to say something.

Spend time alone with your thoughts. evaluate how you are feeling and what is important for you.

Take time from your busy life and focus on your inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It is because no one else is going to do that for you.

Only you have the power to know yourself better and befriend your soul. Yes, do  it now.

Click below to read. .“Why we ger angry”



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41 replies

  1. Your blog is really awesome

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  2. Interesting and thoughtful

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  3. Enjoyed reading your blog

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  4. Verma Sir,
    You are unique, full of qualities. Please stay connected. I use to go through your each blog.
    – B. K. Mishra.

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  5. बहुत खूब, लगे रहें।

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  6. Hope you continue this journey of blogging for many many years 🙂

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  7. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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  8. I have been reading your blog time to time.All are nice including paintings and video clips.

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  9. Congratulations… I guess at first it seems nothing but If you see back …so much has been done.

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  10. Congratulations 🎉

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  11. You have turned into a good blogger in less than 2 years and I complement you on your interesting blogs on diverse topics. All my best wishes on your blogging journey

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  12. Welcome to the blogging world. I have 3 bogs related to each other …my blog with challenges from other bloggers (that is I think where you found me). I have also a travel bog and my new one is about my attempts in sketching. Hope to see you there.

    Regards, Teresa

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  13. Wonderful blog sir, keep going.

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  14. Congrats for hanging in there. Continue your journey.

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  15. You have create your own blog in so much beautiful way.specially I liked your scetchs.those all are most beautiful.Weldon,dear!! And congratulation💐

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  16. Thank you for your beautiful compliments..
    Your words keep me going.. Stay connected..

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  17. Wonderful points given in your blog. I also started last year in april. Enjoyed making around 1340 friends. Very great blogging community. Blogging has become my love now. Keep it up dear friend.

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  18. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Your mind is like a magnet, if you think of blessing ..
    you will attract blessings, if you think of problems..
    you will attract problems…
    Use this law of the universe to your advantage and
    change your entire reality.. Stay happy…


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