# How to deal with anxiety #..

Small but excellent thought….
Open your ” Eye “..and close your “I”


Dear Friends,

Anxietyis our body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come.

But if our feelings of anxiety are extreme, and last for longer time , we may have an anxiety disorder, It can also create mental health issues.

We have to deal cautiously to get rid of the problem.

These days the corona pandemic is causing most of us to feel fearful and nervous. The feeling can be momentarily or it may persist for a long time.

There are numerous studies that show how the problem of stress anxiety and depression is becoming omnipresent in our society. it is true that vast majority of us are being affected these days.

Assocham revealed that 45.5% of employees in the Indian Pvt sector suffer from depression and anxiety.

It is also revealed that much higher % of the working population is under…

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  1. Wow, 45% or even higher. Yes, I think about 80% of people around me are suffering from neurosis, overthinking, and all the rest. So true. It’s the new plague.

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