# Practice yoga during coronavirus #

we are going to celebrate international yoga day 2021,
This year, the theme is .”Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family,,

Happy International Yoga Day ..


Dear friends.

Winter has arrived . Today I went for a morning walk after a long gap, in the Park.. I found few changes there..

Parks usually look very beautiful during the winter season.

The park was filled with greenery, trees and seasonal flowers all around. The sun was blazing and very relaxed due to cold weather. After a short walk I sat down on the marble bench in the sunlight feeling pleasant .

Few of my friends were sitting around and posing their Yoga postures.

I also joined in the exercise. I use to do yoga everyday here during morning walk. We also discussed why Yoga is necessary during covid-19,

Mr Mathur said…I didn’t start yoga until 2005 but once I started, I am doing daily thought out the year and it has been our habit to do yoga daily in the morning.

In the initial days when I…

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  1. Thank you Verma Sb, for such a precious writeup on yoga which is an established form of excercise to keep the body ,mind & soul fit to lead a happy disease free life! I have also gone through some of your posts and found them greatly enlightening!I am following your blog pl care to follow mine if you find it worth1

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  2. Definitely dear,
    I just gone through your Blog on Bikaner and Jaipur..
    I found it very informative . I was in State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur,
    and posted at different places in Rajasthan.
    I love Rajasthan and love your Blog also..


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