# Plan Your Happiness #

All beautiful relationships do not depend on how well
we understand someone, but it depends on how well
we manage the misunderstanding…

Be happy…. Be healthy……Be alive….


Dear friends ,

we have already discussed about seven dimensions of life that affects our happiness in life.,

For details, please read my  blog no 74 ,the link is here below :


Now, we can measure our happiness quotients through some questionnaire:    As we know every human being on this planet is unique. We all value happiness quotients differently.

Therefore, you and I don’t share the same values and beliefs. In fact, your interpretation of the happiness quotients might be totally different from mine.

Just because I get a lot of happiness from challenging me physically doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to as well!. Let us see how it is derived.                    

It is based on two simple steps                                                                 1. Determine “how much” you value each happiness quotient, (scale from 1 to 5)        2. Determine how well you “score” on these happiness quotients, based…

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  1. Very true sir , our happiness is totally in our ability to plan. 🙂🙏

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