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we have already discussed about seven dimensions of life that affects our happiness in life.,

For details, please read my  blog no 74 ,the link is here below :


Now, we can measure our happiness quotients through some questionnaire:    As we know every human being on this planet is unique. We all value happiness quotients differently.

Therefore, you and I don’t share the same values and beliefs. In fact, your interpretation of the happiness quotients might be totally different from mine.

Just because I get a lot of happiness from challenging me physically doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to as well!. Let us see how it is derived.                    

It is based on two simple steps                                                                 1. Determine “how much” you value each happiness quotient, (scale from 1 to 5)        2. Determine how well you “score” on these happiness quotients, based on a scale from 1 to 10.

  • How much do you value your happiness quotients?

First we have to determine how much we value the different happiness quotients. Since I am a retired banker, so for me …the occupational quotient valued even lower than social happiness quotient.

Likewise some people don’t care much about environment and for that physical happiness is more valued over environment happiness.

So the first step is to determine how much we value our happiness quotients.

Now you give value to each of the seven quotients on a simple scale from 1 to 5,

My valuation is given in the table below

Table  1

How much do you value the following happiness quotients?

S,NoItemsMy score :Score(1 to 5)
  • How well do you score on the 7 happiness quotients?

The second step in this happiness quotient test is easier. I want you to rate your happiness level at present on these 7 quotients. I advise you to use a scale from 1 to 10.

Table 2

How well do you score on the 7 happiness quotients?

S,NoItemsMy Score(1 to 10)

 Based on the result of this happiness quotient test given in table 1 and 2, we should be able to calculate the weightage of our scores.

The weightage average score of my happiness quotients is calculated as follows..

Weightage average of happiness quotient  =  sum of  product of  value of each quotient and  your score for each quotient divided by sum of all values of quotient

So,  we get  W. A.  = 4×8  +  4×8 + 4×8 + 2×3 + 4×8 + 3×8 + 4×8 =190

divided by  4+4+4+2+4+3+4 =25

 = 190 / 2 5 = 7.6

 which I think is quite nice. What about you ?, judge  yourself.

Now it’s time for the final step of this article.

Plan your happiness!

After completing the happiness quotient test, we should know exactly which parts of our life must improve in order to become happier.

In my case, there are a number of factors that I could try to improve on.

My occupational happiness could be improved, as it’s only a 6.5 in my example. However, I value this happiness quotient less than others, so I think my effort could best be spent elsewhere.

In fact, as long as I continue to be intellectually happy, I’m not too bothered about my occupational happiness.

But what about my physical happiness?

It’s something I value a lot, and I rate it with a 7,5 on a scale from 1 to 10. If I can increase this happiness quotient from a 7,5 to an 8,5, it’s going to have a very big influence on my actual happiness.

That’s exactly what I’m currently working on.

I am doing physical exercise and yoga training hard to  increase  my  physical happiness quotient will score increasingly better over the next couple of months.

Now it’s time to plan your own happiness. How are you going to improve these different aspects of your life?

I want to hear from you . Leave a comment on which happiness quotients you want to improve in your life, and how you plan to do that!


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