The Museum of Illusions

In this life we cannot do great things, But
we can do small things with Great Love ..


Seeing is Believing

Hello Friends,

Sometimes we experience moments of joy in our life which become memorable.

Yes, I got an opportunity to visit Delhi a week before.

This trip was very encouraging for me because after a gap of almost a year I had the chance to get out of my house to visit Delhi from Kolkata.

I was very happy since I was going to see my son residing there at in Delhi. Although the fear of Corona remained, still my son gave me courage, so I made a program to visit some places in Delhi during my stay.

I decided to visit Connaught place (CP), Delhi which is my all-time favourite place.

I entered the CP with my family. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We were feeling a bit hungry, so we had some burgers and milk shakes. After the refreshment, we were on our…

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