# Rules of Life # …

Life is not qualified by fluent English,
branded clothes or a rich lifestyle.,
It is measured by the number of faces
who smile when they hear your name..


The World Bank has made this assessment assuming the average age of a person is 78 years, according to which we have only 9 years and 6 months for ourselves

. According to this assessment, we spent on average, 29 years in sleep, 3-4 years in education, 10-12 years in employment, 9-10 years in entertainment, 15-18 years in other daily activities like eating, traveling, daily work etc .

In this way, we have only 3500 days or 84,000 hours to fulfill our dreams in life . So let’s discuss how to make our life happy…

If a person thinks that whatever happens to us is not in our hands, then this misconception or wrong belief must be changed after reading this article..

Rules of life: –

We are going to make a new beginning of life and for this we have to follow some basic rules. I think these rules…

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  1. 100 % correct
    People who are happy because of us are the correct measurement of happiness 🤩😅

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