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Hi friends ,

Remember.. the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you claim power to change anything in your life.

Make today the BEST day of your life, because there is simply no-good reason not to.

Miracle Morning

Today I am going to discuss about the miracle morning… The Miracle Morning   is a 6-step morning routine using what are called Life  S.A.V.E.R.S. It is also called the SAVERS routine, and it was developed by Hal Elrod,

 SAVERS stands for:

S  stand  for silence,

A  stand for affirmations,

V  stand for visualization,

E  stands for exercise,

R  stands for reading, and

S  stands for scribing.

The above Six Practices guarantees to Save You from a Life of Unfulfilled Potential.

S is for Silence

Start every morning with a period of purposeful Silence of at least 5 minutes.

And during silence practice Meditation,  Prayer, Deep Breathing or Gratitude.

  • Prepare your mindset and set your expectations. Let go of your stresses and be fully present in this moment
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Sit up straight on the couch, on a chair, on the floor, or sit on a pillow, for added comfort
  • Sit upright, cross-legged. Close your eyes or look down at the ground
  • Begin by focusing on your breath, taking slow, deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth, and be sure to breathe into your belly, rather than your chest
  • Now, start pacing your breath; in slowly on a count of 3 seconds, hold it in for 3 seconds, and then breathe out slowly on a count of 3 seconds
  • As you attempt to quiet your mind, thoughts will still come in to pay a visit. Simply acknowledge them, then let them go, always returning your focus to your breath
  • If you have a constant influx of thoughts, it’s helpful to focus on a single word or a phrase and repeat it over and over again to yourself, as you inhale and exhale..

A is for Affirmations

Use affirmations to start programming yourself to be confident and successful in everything you do. With enough repetition, your subconscious mind will begin to believe what you tell it, act upon it, and eventually manifest it in your reality.

Create your affirmations:

  1. Begin with clarifying, in writing, what you really want — your ideal vision for yourself and your life — in each area
  2. Being crystal clear on your deepest whys will give you an unstoppable purpose.
  3. Get clarity on who you need to be, or are committed to being, in order to take your life, business, health, marriage, etc. to the next level and beyond
  4. Specify the actions you will need to take on a consistent basis to make your vision for your ideal life. Start small and take manageable steps
  5. You can Add Inspirational Quotes and Philosophies

V is for Visualization

Visualization is the process of imagining exactly what you want to achieve or attain, and then mentally rehearsing what you’ll need to do to achieve it.

Directly after reading your affirmations — where you took the time to articulate and focus on your goals and who you need to be to take your life to the next level — is the prime time to visualize yourself living in alignment with your affirmations. Start with just five minutes of visualization with simple 3 steps..

  1.  Sit up tall in a comfortable position. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and get ready to visualize
  2.  See yourself accomplishing what you set out to accomplish and how good it will feel to have followed through and achieved your goals
  3. See yourself engaged in the positive actions you’ll need to do each day and make sure you see yourself enjoying the process

E is for Exercise

Morning exercise is very important for everyone . When you exercise for even a few minutes every morning it significantly boosts your energy, enhances your health, improves self-confidence and emotional well-being, and enables you to think better and concentrate longer.

R is for Reading

Reading habit is most important for acquiring the knowledge, ideas, and strategies, if you need to achieve success in any area of your life.

Make a commitment to read a minimum of 10 pages per day and try to develop habit keeping in mind that

— what do you want to gain from it — and keep that outcome in mind.

–Underline, circle, highlight, and take notes in the margins of books

–Re-read good personal development books.

S is for Scribing

Scribing means Writing…develop habit of writing that enables you to document your insights, ideas, breakthroughs, realizations, successes, and lessons learned,

It is also helpful in areas of opportunity, personal growth, or improvement.

You can write about your goals, dreams, plans, family, commitments, lessons learned, and anything else that you feel you need to focus on in your life..

It is said that first 10-day phase is crucial to sustaining your new habit, long term. The final 10 days are where you positively reinforce and associate pleasure with your new habit.

Phase Three is also where the actual transformation occurs, as your new habit becomes part of your identity. It transcends the space between something you’re trying and who you’re becoming. You start to see yourself as life has transformed


Hi, my name is Hal Elrod, and my mission in life is to Elevate the Consciousness of Humanity, One Person at a Time. While that begins at home with my family, it has grown into a global movement through my book THE MIRACLE MORNING® — which has been translated into 37 languages and sold over 2.5 million copies.

Together, by waking up every day and dedicating time to elevating our own individual consciousness, we can elevate the collective consciousness of humanity and make the world a better place…

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  1. Very good explaination of SAVERS. Easy to remember and practice.

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  2. Love it! I definitely think your tips would improve anyone’s day! 💯

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    once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones,
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