Purify your mind

Our goal should be to have a pure mind. We should visualize ourselves being calm and contented, we should visualize that everybody is good and  this universe is so benevolent,

But this is not enough to purify our mind. To purify your mind and the subconscious, we are required to make them divine power. but how to achieve that is the primary question.

There are so many technique to control our mind and most powerful is Meditation. “the dhyan”.

There is a story regarding true dhyan.

There was a miser trader, in fear of depreciation in business he used to worship God daily.

One day he came to a Swamiji and during his lecture, he came to know that he could perform all the worship rituals in his mind without any worship material (Agarbatti, chandan, fruit for prasad etc).

He liked the idea and thought he will not have to spend any money on the Chandan, agarbatti, and kapur..

He thanked the swamiji for providing such a financial tactical way to please God without spending a penny.

From the next day, he bowed down to his bal gopal (Krishna), took the holy water of ganga and bathed the God.

In his mind, he cooked a virtual meal and placed it in front of the God, this went on for an hour and he was totally devoted to god for the time.

He thought in his mind, “This is a great idea and I can easily perform this everyday”. He started doing the same activity daily.

Many years went by, meanwhile he developed great love and devotion towards bal gopal. His roop dhyan developed to such a degree that he could now feel the things around him even with closed eyes.

One day when he was worshiping God Bal Gopal in his roopdhyan. For Bhog prasad he was  prepared kheer for god in his mind.

While he was cooking, to embellish the kheer, he added some ilayachi (cardamom) and some kesar  but suddenly he got the sensation that all kesar from the pot had fallen into the kheer.

He thought in his mind, kesar(saffron) is so expensive and all of it fell in the kheer. so this is a big loss,

 However he forgot that he had not spend any money on it and all these acts were in his mind only.

So being a miser, he started taking all the kesar out in his virtual kheer preparation, thinking that he will use this tomorrow. Just leaving a small bit in that kheer.

Lord Shree Krishna saw all this and understood the man’s inner thoughts

The God thought that he is trying so hard, let me give him the fruit.

Krishna manifested in his dhyaan and caught his hand. He snapped from dhyaan and saw the Lord Shri Krishna in front of him.

The God said… “Hey Moorkh (Dear Fool), why are you trying to take out kesar from the kheer? Have you spent any money on it? Why are you being such a miser?” (us kesar ko kyu nikal rahe ho? Kya tumhare paise lage hai isme? Kyun tu itna kanjoos bana ja raha hai?)

But the notable thing in the story was that he got the darshan of lord sri Krishna  by his roop dhyan.

This is one of the most powerful techniques. Everyone is chanting the name of God, but their mind is not pure.

True meditation is when your mind grabs the object. Our mind should completely concentrate on the God.

In the present scenario, we are just  chanting the name of God, while our mind is dwelling in maya and materialistic things, distracted by the people moving around us, etc.

In that situation, our mind will not attain the true  dhyaan, in fact it is not even meditation.

Our  mind tends to oscillate between the past and the future. It is either regretting or glorifying the past or planning for the future. However, we need to understand that the present is the field of all possibilities.

Can we act in the past or future? No. We can act only in the present, but with the mind swinging back and forth, we lose focus on the current activity. Our mind needs to settle down to make optimum use of present. 

Meditation can help in stagnating the mind in present. It gives us the ability to be in the now and act effectively.

“Twenty minutes of deep diving into myself gives me relief from all the thoughts at that moment. With regular meditation, I now find it easy to bring my mind to the present when it’s swinging between the past and the future”

Just do one thing, close your eyes and picture the image of God in your mind and try to remain calm and serene. Once you feel attached to God, make it a regular habiy. You will succeed by the grace of the God in meditation.

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    1. Thank you sir..
      Although everybody knows that Yoga and meditation are very effective to relieve stress,,
      my intention is to motivate them to do so..
      Stay connected and stay happy..


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