#In Journey of Life#


The poem “In Journey of Life” speaks about the inevitable journey of life that we all must go through. The path is described as one that is often filled with fear and uncertainty, and at times we may feel isolated and alone.

Despite these challenges, we must continue to move forward on the long and wide road that lies ahead. It encourages us to keep going and persevere in the face of adversity, no matter how daunting the journey may seem.

In Journey of Life

In life’s journey, we all must tread

A path that’s often paved with dread

The road ahead is long and wide

And at times we’ll feel alone inside

We’ll stumble and fall, and lose our way

The weight of the world upon us may stay

The tears we shed, the scars we bear

 Remind us of the pain we’ve had to bear

But in those moments of despair

We find the strength to climb the stairs

To rise above the trials we face

And find the courage to keep our pace

For every challenge that we endure

We emerge stronger and more mature

We learn to love, to give, to care

And find the beauty in life’s despair

So let us embrace the journey we’re on

With all its twists and turns, we’ll stay strong

We promise to cherish each moment, good or bad

In the journey of life, we will never be truly sad.

(Vijay Verma)


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