#The Heartbeat of Poetry #

This poem speaks about the fear and uncertainty that come with aging and losing one’s abilities, particularly in the realm of writing and poetry. The poet reflects on a time when they were a “poet bold and bright” but now feel their strength and memory fading.

However, the poem also asserts that one’s passion and creativity do not solely depend on physical abilities. The heart and soul of a poet are what truly drive them, and their legacy can live on through their poetry.

The Heartbeat of Poetry

The day will come when strength departs,

And memory fades like sun-kissed arts.

When lifting my pens becomes a chore,

And burning poems feel like a bore.

Silence will follow in my every word,

Like a shadow of existence, blurred.

And in that moment, I will say,

“I am not a poet anymore, I pray.”

But listen closely, my dear friend,

My poetry is not just pen and trend.

It’s the beating heart that drives me on,

The soulful words that make me strong.

though the muscles may grow weak,

And memories fade like a distant creek,

My heart will still beat like a drum,

And still, poetry in my soul will hum.

(Vijay Verma)


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  1. Beautiful messages in your poem and video. Very uplifting. 🤗

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  2. Beautiful Vijay. I loved the idea of the inner poet never being silenced

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