# Legacy of a Poet’s Heart #

This is a beautiful and poignant poem that explores the struggles and fears that come with the passage of time. The poem reflects on the life of a poet whose passion for writing has sustained them through the years.

But as they grow older, their abilities begin to wane. Despite the physical limitations that come with age, the poet finds solace in the fact that their legacy will live on through their poetry.

This poem is a testament to the enduring power of the written word and the impact that it can have on those who read it.

Legacy of a Poet’s Heart

Once upon a time, I was a poet bold and bright,

My words flowed freely, like a bird in flight.

But time marches on, and age takes its toll,

My muscles weaken, my memories grow old.

Once I could lift my pen with ease,

Now it feels heavy, like a weight I cannot appease.

Once I wrote of love, of life, of pain,

Now it’s a struggle, to even find the refrain.

I fear the day when my pen will be still,

When silence will follow, and I’ll have no will.

To burn all my poems, to erase all my words,

To leave nothing behind, like a flightless bird.

But even when my pen is no more,

And I cannot write, like I did before.

But, the memory of my words will live on,

Like a shadow, a reflection of who I once was.

Though I may say “no, I am not a poet anymore,”

My heart will still beat, with the passion of before.

And though I may fade, like a sunset in the west,

My poetry will live on, in the hearts of the blessed.

(Vijay Verma).

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  1. Good morning Sir and good poetry to you!

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  2. Nice poem.

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  3. Very poignant and relatable, my friend. I felt this in my heart. 🙏

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