#Yes, I am a Blogger#


This is a poem celebrating the joys and challenges of blogging. The poem highlights the power of blogging to connect people, share stories, and inspire others.

It also acknowledges the struggles that bloggers face, including self-doubt and writer’s block, but ultimately celebrates the passion and dedication that keeps bloggers going.

Yes, I am a Blogger

As a blogger, I pour my heart and soul,

Devoting every moment to this noble goal,

My pen my weapon, my ideas my treasure,

Connecting on paper to bring you pleasure.

My workplace now resides within my heart,

So, I try to be perfect of this unique art,

My courage and hope are my constant guide,

I share my thoughts and never try to  hide.

Guided by friends who show me the way,

I learn what’s right and what’s not to say,

Happiness is found in the words I write,

Yes, Fear and sorrow I strive to fight.

The lessons I learn in this journey of life,

Are woven into words with care and strife,

To be shared with all who seek to know,

The wonders of living that make us grow.

every word I pen and every thought I share,

I hope to touch hearts and show I care,

For I am a blogger, with a passion so true,

Bringing light and love to each one of you.

(Vijay Verma)

I hope you enjoyed this poem. Please share your feelings as will help in my writing. Please watch this video.


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  1. Very nice my friend! Lovely verses and a grand video!

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  2. Beautiful Vijay. You’ve captured what many bloggers feel about their work – being a voice for many

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