#A Brush with Imagination#

This poem is about the journey of creating art, and how it’s not just about the end product, but the process of growth and self-discovery that comes with it. We should approach art with an open mind and willingness to explore and embrace our creativity.

The poem highlights the idea that the journey of art is continuous, with always something new to learn and discover, and how this journey can be a path of self-discovery and expression.

Overall, the poem celebrates the beauty and importance of art as a journey. I hope you will appreciate it..

A Brush with Imagination

With every stroke of the brush and every word we write,

We delve deeper into our soul, shining a new light.

Our emotions spill out onto the canvas and page,

An expression of our innermost thoughts and rage.

As we create, we feel joy and sometimes pain,

But it’s all worth it for the art we gain.

It’s a journey of self-expression, a way to be true,

To ourselves and the world, without any clue.

Sometimes we feel lost, unsure of our way,

But the passion within us, never fades away.

We keep creating, keep exploring, keep growing,

My journey in art is always worth knowing.

So let us embrace the emotions we feel,

And let our creativity take the wheel.

In this  beautiful journey of creating art,

We discover ourselves and heal our heart.

Let us embrace the imperfections we may find,

And not be discouraged by the obstacles we grind.

For every mistake can lead to something great,

 And , every challenge can help us elevate.

Let us not compare ourselves to others on this path,

 For each of our journeys is unique and has a different craft.

So let us continue on this journey with passion and zeal,

And let our art be a reflection of how we truly feel

(Vijay Verma)

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