#Journey begins with a single step#


Let’s talk about energy. Our energy levels can have a huge impact on our ability to achieve our goals and live our lives to the fullest. If we are constantly tired and drained, it can be difficult to find the motivation to pursue our passions and dreams.

We can increase our energy levels by engaging in activities that we love and enjoy. We should spend time with positive people, and get enough rest. It’s also important to manage our stress levels, which can be done through mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga. We can simply take a few minutes in the morning each day to breathe deeply and relax along with a morning walk.

When we have more energy, we can approach life with enthusiasm and optimism, and we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.

In this regard, there is a beautiful story that I would like to share..

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Mohan who struggled with productivity and motivation. He often found himself scrolling through social media, watching TV, and wasting hours on meaningless activities. Mohan knew he had to change his habits if he wanted to achieve his goals and live a fulfilling life, but could not get success.

One day, Mohan decided to establish a morning ritual to kickstart his day and set himself up for success. He woke up early, went for a quick run, meditated for 10 minutes, and then read a chapter of a book.

Mohan found that this morning ritual gave him the energy and focus he needed to tackle his day.

At first, Mohan was excited about his new routine, but he quickly realized that establishing a new habit is not easy. After a few days, he struggled to wake up early and felt too tired to exercise or meditate. All the days, he was distracted by his phone calls and social media.

Despite the challenges, Mohan persisted. Again, one day he reminded himself of his goals and the benefits of his morning ritual. He realized that by establishing a consistent routine, he could overcome his inner resistance and achieve his dreams.

One morning, Mohan woke up feeling particularly unmotivated. He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondered if his morning ritual was worth it. Just as he was about to give up, he remembered a story his grandfather had told him when he was a child.

The story was about a young man who lived in a remote village at the foot of a mountain. The man dreamed of climbing the mountain and seeing the world from its summit, but he was afraid of the journey and doubted his abilities.

One day, the man met an old wise woman who lived on the edge of the village. The woman saw the man’s hesitation and asked him what was wrong.

He told her about his dream of climbing the mountain but his fear of failing.

The wise woman smiled and said, “My dear, every journey begins with a single step. You cannot climb the mountain in one day, but you can take one step towards it each day. Over time, those steps will add up, and you will reach the summit.”

The young man thought about the woman’s words and realized she was right. He decided to take the first step and began his journey up the mountain. Each day, he climbed a little further, and as he did, his confidence grew.

Eventually, the man reached the summit and saw the world from a new perspective. He realized that the journey had been worth it and that he had accomplished something he had once thought impossible.

As Mohan remembered this story, he realized that his morning ritual was like the young man’s journey up the mountain. Each day, he took a small step toward his goals, and over time, those steps would add up to something significant.

He also realized that like the young man, he would face obstacles and doubts along the way, but he could overcome them with persistence and determination.

With renewed motivation, Mohan got out of bed, put on his running shoes, and headed out for his morning run. As he ran, he felt the cool morning air on his face and the rhythm of his feet hitting the pavement. He realized that his morning ritual was not just about productivity, it was about taking care of his body, mind, and soul.

After his run, Mohan meditated for 10 minutes and felt his mind calm and his focus sharpened. He then picked up his book and read a chapter, learning something new and expanding his knowledge.

As he went about his day, Mohan felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. He knew that by establishing his morning ritual and persisting through the challenges, he was on his way to reaching his goals and living a fulfilling life.

Friends, every journey begins with a single step, stay motivated and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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  1. Walks really help with improving energy, even the shortest walk.

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  2. My mother grew up on San Miguel in the Azores Islands, and tells me there were people there who had lived their whole lives long without ever climbing the volcano or traveling to the beach to see the ocean (!)

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  3. Common man takes too much stress because of his/her circumstances.

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  4. Morning rituals are definitely worth it

    I wake up at 5 am and go for cycling and then read books, just for the peace.

    I don’t use phone until 7:30-7:45 am

    To experience energy, one should engage in activities that he can enjoy and read. A good food also provides tons of energy.

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