#Memories of friendship#

Memories of friendship

As the pages of memories flipped,

Some friends came back to mind and griped,

 Reminiscing about the good old days,

Those friends, their laughter, and their ways.

I wonder where they are now,

What town or city they call home somehow,

 Even if I stay awake all night,

Those friends keep coming to sight.

Their faces, their voices, and their smile,

I cherish them like a precious file,

No matter how far we may roam,

Their memories will always find a home.

So, I’ll keep these memories close to my heart,

 And let them be a guiding part,

Alas,  when all is said and done,

It’s the love of friends that truly won.

(Vijay Verma)

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  1. It is a human nature to cherish old memories.

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  2. Such a beautiful poem sir!!

    I absolutely love it

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  3. Very beautiful inspiring poem.

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  4. Beautiful poem.

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