# My heart is the house of …


The heart is often thought of as the center of emotion and the home of love. It is where we feel the joys and sorrows of life, and where we hold our deepest passions and fears.

But with love also comes pain, and the heart can be a place of both immense happiness and heart-wrenching sadness.

In this poem, we explore the duality of the heart as both a house of love and pain and the complexities of navigating the emotions that reside within it.

My heart is the house of…

My heart is the house of love and pain

Where memories linger like a haunting refrain

Joy and sorrow, they both reside

In the chambers where my emotions hide

Love is the light that brightens the room

It illuminates the darkness and shatters the gloom

But pain is the shadow that follows behind

A reminder of the hurt that we can’t leave behind

The walls are lined with memories of the past

Some beautiful, some painful, but they all last

The laughter and the tears, the hopes and the fears

All etched into the walls of my heart over the years

The windows are stained with the colors of life

The blues and greens, the reds and whites

Each one tells a story, each one a memory

Of the people and places that I feel with agony

The doors swing open, inviting you in,

 a world of emotions that live within

Come and see, come and feel

The heart that beats, the soul that’s real

Yes, my heart is the house of love and pain.

(Vijay Verma)

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  1. Esplêndido poema amigo 🌻 Aqui tudo bem, bastante ocupada e você como está?

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  2. Lovely drawing and enjoyed the poem.

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  3. A beautiful poem Vijay.

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  4. Loved the poem VKV!!!
    Thanks for sharing

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