#Oh, my friend#

# Oh, my friend #

In the depths of my soul, I feel it stir,

A pain that I can no longer defer,

The tears flow freely down my cheek,

For the love I lost, my heart does seek.

The memories of our love, they haunt me so,

Every moment with you, I’ll never let go,

The touch of your hand, the warmth of your embrace,

A love like ours, no one can replace.

But fate had other plans, it seems,

And now I’m left with shattered dreams,

The pain in my heart, it lingers on,

A love like ours, forever gone.

I try to move on, but it’s so hard,

To forget the love we once shared,

My heart aches for you, my love,

 the thought of life without you is tough.

My heart yearns for you every day,

I pray for you, to return my way.

(Vijay Verma)

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16 replies

  1. Beautiful, powerful verses filled with emotion and soul.

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  2. A beautiful and soulful poem sir

    I absolutely love it.

    Your work shows you extremely talented you are.

    V in your name definitely stands for Versatile

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  3. Emotional poem.Nice.

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